Over the past 20 years of the office, more than 428 projects have been designed and more than 127 objects have been implemented in our office. In addition to the development of territorial plans of municipalities, we also devote ourselves to reducing the energy intensity of buildings in a comprehensive manner and also to the preparation of audits within subsidies.

The project activity of the association Hlina a spol is carried out on the basis of an authorization certificate by Ing. Ján Hlina no. 04202 issued by the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers. As experts in the field of energy certification, in the projection of civil, residential and industrial buildings, we put emphasis on proposals that comply with the Energy Efficiency Act and real (all our projects are implemented) meet the requirements for energy passive houses. For the last 5 years, we have been designing territorial units in solving all engineering networks counting road communications, and we realize them within the Hlina and spol.

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Projection activity

+ architectural and project consultations

+ architectural technical - economic studies of feasibility of buildings

+ project selection and site evaluation

+ construction specification (planning permit documentation)

+ construction project (building permit documentation)

+ procurement of necessary surveys

+ processing and evaluating alternative solutions

+ compare available technologies

+ asking for bids, evaluating them, selecting suppliers

+ plan of organization of construction and equipment of site

+ realization projects

+ general designer function

+ supervision, construction supervision

+ realization of constructions by means of contract by mandate contract

+ procurement of tangible and intangible supplies

+ comprehensive testing projects

+ operating regulations

+ complete engineering activity

+ Engineering (Territorial Decision)

+ Engineering (Building Permit)

+ consent to change construction before completion

+ final building approval

+ ensuring the performance of supervision during construction (author, technical, construction supervision)

+ coordination of the technological and building part of the building

A1 - complex services

+ comprehensive architectural and engineering services and related technical consultancy

+ territorial planning documents: urban study, territorial plan, territorial forecast, territorial technical documentation

+ volumetric and spatial studies of individual objects

+ building-architectural studies

+ architectural design of the building: complete and comprehensive layout, shape, art, material, construction and operation of the building - including interior and immediate exterior, its location in the area and connection to the public technical equipment of the area

+ interior studies, internal equipment standard studies

+ technical-economic studies

+ study of the exterior design of the surroundings of the building (exterior)

+ architectural design of the exterior if it is directly related to the building (surroundings of the building) and is to be carried out together with the building

+ separate exterior solution (time and subject independent of construction)

+ static and stability study

+ sales study for business plan

+ environmental study

+ verification studies (noise, light-technical, thermal-technical, emission, etc.)

+ other variant studies

Elaboration of studies

+ entry negotiation with the customer about the type and extent of ordered services

+ analysis of selected site

+ specification of necessary documents, surveys and works

+ analysis of input data and specification of construction, energy and technology professions

+ providing the necessary documents, research and analysis

+ elaboration of technical-economic intention

+ elaboration of building works of public works

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