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The fundamental rights and obligations that we exercise in the performance of construction supervision activities

+ to carry out construction supervision in person

+ to study and thoroughly familiarize with the design documentation

+ to familiarize yourself with the conditions specified in the building permits and other building permits

+ follow the construction process and procedure to ensure safety and health at work ,

+ to monitor the operation of the construction site, the method and procedure of construction to ensure fire safety

+ monitor whether the proper installation and safe operation of the construction and site equipment is ensured

+ to see whether construction products, building materials and construction construction properly store

+ assess the suitability of use of ready-made construction products, materials and structures

+ make sure that machinery, equipment and technological structures are properly stored,

+ track logbook management, make logbook entries and smiles to provide the builder with the construction logbook

+ to ensure compliance of the building's spatial position with the construction documentation

+ to ensure compliance with the general technical requirements for construction

+ to bear the responsibility of the builder for fulfilling the conditions of the decisions issued for the execution of the construction + to take measures to eliminate defects found on the construction site

+ to notify the building contractor to the Office all serious defects in the construction that could not be removed in the framework of the performance of the building supervision activity

+ checking the progress of works on the construction site according to the time schedule

+ checking of the actual construction documentation

+ monitoring and control of the removal of defects and defects found in the acceptance and approval proceedings within the set deadlines

+ inspection clearing and releasing the site within the set deadline After the completion of the work, the thermal imager will be measured in winter depending on:

+ climatic conditions - ie. when the difference between internal and external temperature is at least 20 ° C.

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