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What You Should Know About Energy Property Certification

The statutory obligation to hold an energy certificate concerns the owners of new buildings, real estate intended for sale or lease, and significantly renewed buildings whose intervention in the packaging structure (in particular insulation and replacement of original windows or doors) exceeds 25% of its area.

Changes after 2020

According to the European Union Directive, all new buildings built after 2020 will have to be near zero standard and Slovakia will not be an exception. This means that new buildings will need to obtain the highest energy class energy certificate.

House economy indicator

The energy certificate is a proof of the quality of the building's energy performance, which determines to what extent the house is energy-efficient. The economy of the house is determined by a calculation that expresses the amount of energy needed to meet all the house's energy needs, in particular the amount of energy needed to heat and produce hot water.

Energy classes of buildings

Based on the values obtained, the building is integrated into energy class A to G. The resulting energy class of the building is the sum of the numerical indicators of the individual energy needs and represents the total energy demand of the building in kWh / (m2. A). Subsequently, the building is classified according to the global indicator - primary energy in kWh / (m2. A) to energy class A (extremely efficient building) to G (extraordinarily inefficient building). On the basis of the ownership of the energy certificate, the building office will then issue an approval decision.

Certificate validity and renewal

The certificate is valid for a maximum of 10 years. If a major restoration is made to the building, it needs to be re-certified. The owner of a certified property is legally obliged to keep the energy certificate during its validity. When selling such property, the owner of the advertisement must state the energy performance indicator and then pass the certificate to the new owner. When renting an object, it is sufficient to give the tenant a copy.


Low energy standard

Several conditions are needed to achieve a low energy standard. The basic requirement is to achieve the level of heat supplied for heating in a maximum of 50 kWh / m2 of useful area per year. For passive houses, this value cannot exceed 15 kWh / m2 per year. Build a comprehensive view of the building, taking into account the shape of the house, its orientation, materials to be built, energy intensity, heating, hot water, roof construction, windows, ventilation system, or other technologies that may be It is not easy for the layman to achieve the desired standard. But the market now offers a number of ways to get the necessary advice. The most viable way is to reach out to an energy advisor.

Take advantage of energy advice

Building or refurbishing a house is a strategic decision and investment for decades. “Many customers are not able to assess the appropriateness of choosing materials that depend on the efficiency of the reconstruction. In addition, the market offers too wide a range of options that may not always be appropriate for a particular type of building. Each material is specific and its choice should be reviewed by an expert, ”. The importance of energy advice to customers is a key and essential investment tool in such cases. Experienced low-energy or passive housing professionals should complement the owner-architect pair.

Building preparation of object

The family home should be completed before certification begins. It should have thermal insulation of the building envelope (facade, roof or floor) and installed technological part - heating, hot water preparation, wiring and ventilation - air conditioning.


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